Censorship of books

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill. It was Holocaust Remberence Day this week. And the story of a school board banning a book ran rampant through Social Media. In one of the states in our great country, close-minded School Board members felt the material contained “…rough, …

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My Interview with Romelia Lungu

I had an opportunity to interviewed by Romelia Lungu from Books for Life. She takes time out to talk with other authors. It was a good time and you can find the interview here:


Barcon is the event that happens in the bar after the conference sessions. I’ve been going to writers conferences pretty regularly of the last two years. I have experienced that the most interesting discussions and conversations happen at bacon.  I’m not knocking the information the presenters give out during sessions. Great people doing great presentations. But, …

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