Talons and Talismans 2

Hunters and prey. Knights and quests. Wizards and mysteries.

Mix all that with creatures of legend and myth, and you get an anthology with fifteen great stories.

What happens to a Manticore when he gets old and can no longer fulfill his responsibilities? What if the Goblins can’t pick up the trash in the City? Who will stay and guard the gates between worlds?

But wait, there’s more! There are eight exciting stories from the Eldros Legacy, a new shared setting coming soon. Hunters will find more than they expected, kings are betrayed, and who will stand up to the Engraver of Bones?

About Mark Stallings:

Mark Stallings is an Amazon Best Selling Author, member of Pikes Peak Writers, speaker at International conferences on Technology topics, is a writer of Wuxia, Fantasy, and Military Sci Fi.  He is a competitive shooter, avid martial artist, drinker of craft beer, and motorcycle enthusiast. 

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