Tangent Orange

Peacemaker Academy Graduate Reynor was nervous about his confirmation mission. Thankfully, he had the guidance of a senior Peacemaker, the Besquith Sempay. Besquith were renown for ferocity and carnage. Basically, everything Reynor was not. When their transport ship has to make an unexpected stop to fix a problem with the hyperspace engines, Reynor convinces his partner to visit the backwater planet in the system. Once they arrive on world, Reynor learns the hard way that you can’t come at every problem straight on. Sometimes it requires a tangential approach.


The pair hide they are Peacemakers and find themselves embroiled in a conflict involving two rival warlords with a local spaceport caught in between. A corrupt cop and an observant bartender are all the allies Reynor and Sempay have to prevent the enslavement and slaughter of everyone on the planet.

About Mark Stallings:

Mark Stallings is an Amazon Best Selling Author, member of Pikes Peak Writers, speaker at International conferences on Technology topics, is a writer of Wuxia, Fantasy, Thrillers and Military Sci Fi.  He is a competitive shooter, avid martial artist, drinker of craft beer, and motorcycle enthusiast. 

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