Rear Window of the Mind

When man reached for the stars, their minds couldn’t take it

When Hogon, member of the alien Wa’bah’nja’kae, cleanses a station workers mind, he learns that a murder is about to be committed at the Solarian League Peace Conference. He can’t tell the authorities as no Human knows the truth about his people.

Hogon’s best friend is assassinated and he is framed for it. How can Hogon stop the murder of the Emerlee delegate, clear himself of his buddy’s death, and find the assassin preventing a resumption of hostilities between Emerlee and the Solarians.

About Mark Stallings:

Mark Stallings is an Amazon Best Selling Author, member of Pikes Peak Writers, speaker at International conferences on Technology topics, is a writer of Wuxia, Fantasy, Thrillers and Military Sci Fi.  He is a competitive shooter, avid martial artist, drinker of craft beer, and motorcycle enthusiast. 

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