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This was recommended to me by my publisher. I jumped in and it was well worth the ride. I really enjoyed the stories of how they figured out how to retool from being a computer hardware company to producing their first blockbuster movie. Then how they figured out how to replicate the feat with their second movie and third. This isn’t a “look how successful we are” story. It is a detailed saga of pain, failure, and trial. I got a lot out of it and it directly has improved my ideation process.

World Building

Category: Writing

In 2016, at a writing conference, I first got to meet Kevin j. Anderson and saw his presentation on world building. Until that point, I had not been aware of the complexities of environment, politics, economics in a way that I could leverage it for my writing. This book got me thinking more about why cities are in valleys or near water and what could that city produce for trade.

Save The Cat!

Category: Writing

I started with a different book, but picked this one up to get a different take on beats. I like having a different perspective on how to approach things. This book is a great supplement for anyone looking to understand story beats.

Million Dollar Outlines

Category: Writing

I have taken several courses from David Farland both in person and online. This book is a great distillation of what he teaches. He goes through the process of novel planning and how to plot out an effective story. Even for Pantsers and Discovery-writers, knowing a component of outlining can only make for a solid product.

My Story Can Beat Up Your Story

Category: Writing

A good friend of mine recommended this book when I was struggling with story structure. I took to this like a fish takes to water. I love the questions and exercises at the end of each chapter. I suggest anyone interested in reading a book pick this up.

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