Superstars Writing Seminar 2019

This month I attended Superstars Writing Seminar put on by Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, Eric flint, James Artemis Owen and guests including Kevin Ikenberry, Jim Butcher, Donald Maass, Angie Hodapp, and James A. Hunter. It was held at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs.

This is a four day conference including the ‘Craft Day’ which is an add-on pre-register event. During craft day I had worldbuilding with Donald Maass.  He goes through a rich textured method for building your world and structuring the approach to the story. Donald really focused in on some of the more advanced writing techniques.

In the afternoon had an amazing session with the talented Angie Hodapp instructing us on ‘How to write tension packed dialog.’ In that workshop I learned how to structure a dialog with the intent action and tension.

Not only do you get amazing sessions with Eric Flint on Contracts or Careers with David Farland or Amazon marketing with James Hunter, you get to meet giants in the indie world like Michael Anderle or Dakota Krout and hand with them in the bar.

This was my third Superstars and over the last two years I have met hard working talented authors who are willing to share what they know with the sole purpose of getting you to succeed. This is truly the seminar on the business of writing. If you have a desire to learn how to be a better author, this is the seminar to be at.

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Barcon is the event that happens in the bar after the conference sessions. I’ve been going to writers conferences pretty regularly of the last two years. I have experienced that the most interesting discussions and conversations happen at bacon.  I’m not knocking the information the presenters give out during sessions. Great people doing great presentations. But, sitting in a room while a person is up at a podium is not comparable to sitting at a small table having a beverage with that author, agent or editor. And it isn’t about pitching your book. It’s about forming a relationship. About hearing how an editor got into comics when they were young. Arguing about the best place in the Bronx to get a slice. Or discussing the ingredients of meatballs with an author. Next convention, go to barcon. Make friends. Hear stories. Tell story. Just don’t pitch one.